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I started Tattooing in July of 2001 and since then have been working diligently to learn this very complicated and challenging craft. I currently work at Spider Murphy's in San Rafael. Through tattooing i have found a love for art and as well as Oil painting. I paint what I know and what I experience. Being from a military family as well as serving in the United States Navy for four honorable years, I can't help but be fascinated with the military. The act of war and how it regards class in society serves to inform my interest in the alterations of uniform and conformity. After finishing my BFA at the California College of the Arts, I decided to re-explore this connection that i so strongly feel. Through painting I attempt to elicit an honest image and to show the people as they are, beyond their presentation and into an image that replies to their actual state. These people exist all around us and need to be honored and never forgotten.